Writing and

Composing your thoughts in a manner that your audience can quickly and easily understand is often a time-consuming and painstaking process. Whether you are starting from scratch, stuck, busy with other obligations, or just plain tired of working on a document, I can help. I have access to templates for corporate documents, methods for overcoming writer's block, and the time and skills to help you draft your document or simply tailor an existing document to your needs. Note that I do not write academic documents for other people, I only edit and guide writers as a former English professor.

Please visit the Portfolio page for more information, as well as the Writing Samples and Web Sites pages.

Writing Instruction
Many people describe themselves as "not very good" writers, when in reality most people can improve their writing by following a few steps tailored to their individual needs. If you'd like to work on a particular aspect of your writing such as American English grammar, a certain punctuation mark, or overall confidence in your writing, we can work together to identify the steps you can follow to identify your strengths and weaknesses, ferret out patterns of error, generate ideas, select appropriate exercises and assignments (yes, assignments), and improve your writing. I have worked closely with writers of a wide variety of ages, levels/competencies, backgrounds, and needs (see Portfolio).

Curriculum Development
Sometimes people find themselves in teaching or training positions and spend hours designing assignments—or an entire course—that will both educate and challenge students to do their best work. Others have been teaching for years and must suddenly make a course "writing intensive." I can help you design a course from scratch, modify existing curricula, and create assignments.

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