Edited Books

I have edited and proofread — and ghosted — many book manuscripts over the years, several of which have been published. All content, material, and imagery is property of the respective authors and/or companies.

Dave Celentano
Triads for the Rock Guitarist: A Complete Guide to  
Understanding and Using Triads for Rhythm and Lead Guitar

(Centerstream Publications)
Dave Celentano

L. H. Taylor
The Burden of Ethics
(Chest House Press)
Les Taylor

Dave Celentano
Michael Bloomfield Legendary Licks:  
An Inside Look at the Guitar Style of Michael Bloomfield

(Cherry Lane)
Dave Celentano

John J. Salmon
The Creation of the National Railroad Retirement Investment Trust:  
Improving Railroad Retirement for Labor, Management, and Beneficiaries

John J. Salmon
BackStage with Bryan Rooney
Edited BackStage with Bryan Rooney:
From Liverpool to Ringo to Donna Summer...

by Bryan Rooney
Go behind the scenes with one of the world's first roadies.  

Surviving Healthcare
Proofread Surviving Healthcare
by Pamela Armstrong
2005 Publishers Marketing Association Benjamin Franklin Award in the Health (Wellness/Nutrition) category, and
ForeWord Magazine's 2005 Book of the Year Award

Office XP
Edited Office XP Core: A Comprehensive Approach,
Teacher's Annotated Edition

by Deborah Hinkle, Kathleen Stewart, and Margaret Marple (Glencoe/McGraw-Hill)

Hartford, CTMaryland
Edited portions of Maryland: Old Line to New Prosperity
by Joseph L. Arnold and Anirban Basu, and
Hartford: Connecticut's Capital: An Illustrated History
by Glenn Weaver and Michael Swifttest

Grandma's Glasses
Grandma's Glasses
by Ana Sarkisyan
Edited English translation of Armenian children's poetry.

Dog Training
Edited Dog Training: Best Friends Learning Together
by Andrew Ledford

The Way, the Truth, and the Lies
Edited The Way, the Truth, and the Lies
by Rev. Roy A. Teel, Jr.

The Light of Darkness
Edited The Light of Darkness: Dialogues in Death (Collected Short Stories)
by Roy A. Teel, Jr.

Selected Unpublished Non-Academic Book Manuscripts

  • Burbing Buildung (Burning Building), the story of a seasoned Philadelphia arson squad captain, unions, drug running, and several enticing women, by Len Pighini.
  • Dr. Charles Armstrong's autobiographical experiences as a M*A*S*H physician in Vietnam and, later in life, as a throat cancer survivor. Working title: Wakeful Watch.
  • Purple's Heart, a story about lies, murders, drugs, and betrayal of friends and family, by Janice Harper. Purple sells drugs for a living and Katt's man Paul is in jail for selling drugs.

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